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This page is a roll-up of all my naturally leavened sourdough bread baking recipes, plus anything else I've managed to concoct in my kitchen. Below you'll find baking recipes using fruit/nut/seed mix-ins, freshly milled flour, and recipes utilizing various grains (rye flour, Sonora wheat, spelt, Khorasan, and more). If you're looking for something very specific, use the search button in the top right of the page to get right to it. Happy baking!

Baking Guides

For in-depth guides on creating your own sourdough starter, how to maintain your starter, starter storage, tips on steaming a home oven, building a dough retarder, and much more, head over to my Baking Guides page.

Newest Recipes

Sourdough Starter Creation & Maintenance

Beginner Baking Recipes

Sourdough Starter Discard Recipes

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Mostly White Flour Recipes

Mostly Whole-Grain Recipes

100% Whole-Grain Recipes

Recipes with Ancient Grains

Specialty Grains Recipes

Rye Flour Recipes

Freshly Milled Flour Recipes

Recipes with Specialty Ingredients (Nuts, Seeds, and More)

Recipes with Sprouted Grains and Cereals

Porridge Sourdough Recipes


Specialty Bread Shapes

Buns and Rolls

Enriched and Sweet Dough Recipes

Sourdough Pizza, Calzone, and Focaccia Recipes

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Web Stories

The following web stories are bite-sized recipes meant to get you baking faster in your home kitchen.

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