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The Perfect Loaf RecipesThis page is a roll-up of all my naturally leavened sourdough bread recipes, plus anything else I’ve managed to concoct in my kitchen. Below you’ll find baking recipes using fruit/nut/seed mix-ins, freshly milled flour, and recipes utilizing various grains (rye flour, Sonora wheat, spelt, Khorasan, and more). If you’re looking for something very specific use the search button in the top right of the page to get right to it. Happy baking!


Baking guides:

For in-depth guides on sourdough starter creation, maintenance, storage, tips on steaming a home oven, building a dough retarder, and much more, head over to my Baking Guides page.

Sourdough starter creation & maintenance:

Beginner baking recipes:

Mostly white flour:

Mostly whole grain flour:

100% whole grain flour:

Ancient grain flour:

Rye flour:

Fresh milled flour:

Specialty ingredients (nuts, seeds & more):

Sprouted grain/cereal:

Porridge sourdough:

Pan breads:


Specialty Bread Shapes:

Other recipes with sourdough starter:

Enriched & sweet dough:

Other food:

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