Sourdough for Beginners

Sourdough for beginners is a place to get you baking sourdough bread in your home kitchen quickly. But, this doesn’t mean the recipes aren’t any less delicious than more complicated baking recipes. Instead, they’re a great place to get started with sourdough and will serve you well whether you’ve baked two loaves or a hundred. Start with my beginner’s sourdough recipe to get baking in your home kitchen!

After my Beginner’s Sourdough, check out a few sourdough for beginners recipes that come together easily and will get a wonderful, crusty loaf of bread out of your oven in no time:

Tartine Sourdough Wheat Germ Experiment

The Wheat Germ Experiment

One of the reasons I started this journal was to experiment with my bread baking, and this entry has me dabbling with a bit of