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My Baking Tools

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I’ve spent considerable time testing baking tools to make baking more efficient and consistent in the home kitchen. The list below is the result of all those tests. If you’re new to baking, start with the tools listed below in Sourdough Starter Creation & Management and The Beginning Baker. Once you become more serious about baking, head down to the Increase Baking Consistency section to build out your toolset.

At my Amazon storefront, I have all the tools below including my favorite baking books, all on one page. Note that some of the links below are affiliate links in which I earn a small amount on each sale (you’re not charged over normal price). These small earnings help keep this site up and running — so thank you and happy baking!

Your Sourdough Starter

These are the best tools to help create and maintain your sourdough starter.

My starter lives in these wonderful glass jars.

A good scale is essential in baking.  Highly recommended. 

The best spatula for mixing your starter: easy to clean and durable.

Whole grain rye flour is key to making an active sourdough starter.

The Beginning Baker

A list of a few tools to help you get started baking sourdough bread at home.

Cast iron and built to last. This pot traps steam to encourage maximum dough rise.

A must-have. Used to cut, lift & move your dough.  Highly recommended. 

These KitchenAid scrapers easily remove sticky dough from containers, the bench, and off your fingers.

Temperature is incredibly important in baking.

Dust your proofing baskets with this to help your dough remove cleanly.

Score your dough just before baking to encourage maximum rise.

A wide bowl makes hand mixing dough much more manageable.

Clear sides let you see fermentation first-hand.

Monitoring dough temperature is critical throughout the baking process.

Increase Your Baking Consistency

Use these baking tools to help you increase your baking consistency in your home kitchen.

Reads temperatures extremely fast and accurately.  Highly recommended. 

A bowl used to hold proofing dough.

A smaller basket that will let you load dough in the Lodge combo cooker listed above.

Keeps my starter, levain, and dough at the perfect temperature.  Highly recommended. 

An extremely well designed cast iron pan for baking batards and larger loaves

The best, and most cost-effective, bread knife I have yet to use.

Cut these to fit your proofing baskets for easy dough removal.

Reusable bowl covers to prevent a skin from forming on dough.

Keep your bread fresh for up to a week (as discussed here) in this well-made box.

The perfect rectangular tub for 4kg+ batches of dough.

This steel gets incredibly hot with no risk of cracking. It also cooks pizza incredibly well.

Some recipes here call for “high extraction flour,” this helps sift out some bran/germ to get there.

I keep these in my flour canisters, they make transferring and measuring super easy.


The list below are my most-used flours here at home, but look local first! There are many great farmers and millers scattered all over with incredible flour options.

CM has some incredible flour; this is a workhorse flour for any bread.

I just love this medium-protein white flour.

Pans & Storage

These tools will help you bake pan loaves and are a collection of excellent storage options for flour and grain.

This pan is perfect for rye bread and sandwich loaves. See my guide to baking pan bread for more.

These, with lid, are quite large and perfect for storing 25 lbs. of dry grain or flour.

I use these to store all my flour (they hold 5 pounds). They are airtight, light, and solid—just the best.

Grain Mills

Below is a list of my favorite grain mills used to mill fresh flour in my home kitchen regularly. They are all built extremely well and are capable of producing excellent flour.

A beautiful mill capable of producing very fine flour at a fantastic price (get 5% off with my link).

A workhorse mill that produces very fine flour. Built by hand in Austria.

A hand-operated, well-built mill that’s capable of producing extremely fine flour at low temperatures.

Other Equipment

These tools will help you increase your baking quantity.

This sealed oven lets me bake 4 or more loaves at a time from home.

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