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Baking healthy and delicious sourdough bread at home can be challenging, but since 2013,  I've been here to help . My mission for The Perfect Loaf is to be a resource to help you become a better baker.

With your membership, you'll directly help The Perfect Loaf continue to grow with more baking recipes, guides, tools, and support.

What do members receive?

  • 📖 Ad-free reading
    Ads help keep the site up and running, but members help in a more sustained way. Members will not see advertisements when logged in to their membership account.
  • 💬 Access to private Discord community
    Join a real-time chat where many bakers and I are hanging out daily. Share photos of your recent bakes, ask for help and discuss new techniques and tools.
  • 🍞 Exclusive discounts at TPL partners
    Members receive discounts at baking supply partners. Discounts include dough proofers and more at Brød & Taylor; thermometers, timers, and more at Thermoworks; bannetons at MadeTerra, and chocolate at Valrhona.
  • 📄 Access to full recipe archives
    Access all recipes at The Perfect Loaf in spreadsheet form.
  • 🤓 Access to baking spreadsheets
    Access to my baking spreadsheet templates (Google Sheets) for creating and editing dough formulas. These sheets can be copied and used for your own baking projects.
  • 📫 Members-only TPL Membership newsletter
    Receive members-only emails with special baking supply discounts, access to upcoming events, and additional perks.
  • 🎗 5% donated to Action Against Hunger
    I created The Perfect Loaf to teach others to bake nutritious bread in their home kitchen, but many go hungry every night without the means to make a single meal. Five percent of yearly membership contributions will be donated to Action Against Hunger, which has helped combat hunger worldwide for more than 40 years.
Questions? Refer to the FAQ below or please email [email protected].

TPL Membership Q&A

Why are there two yearly price levels?

TPL Memberships don't have tiers that unlock additional perks if you pay more, I believe everyone should have access to everything. Some readers have asked if they can contribute more than $50/yr, so the additional levels are there for that reason!

Can I easily cancel or change my membership?

Yes! Canceling or changing your membership is extremely easy—there are no commitments (yuck). To modify your membership, click here. Each year, you'll receive a reminder email when your membership is set to renew. If you have a question, please feel free to email [email protected].

Is the content on The Perfect Loaf still free for everyone?

The sourdough bread baking information here at The Perfect Loaf will always be completely free to everyone. This membership program is a way for me to ensure I'm able to cover costs and allocate more time to the site to test bake, write recipes, guides, and provide email/chat support, and to help improve the site's usability.

Can I gift a membership to a lucky recipient?

Yes, please choose a membership gift level below:

Do you have a way I can contribute without becoming a monthly or yearly member?

Absolutely. You can become a lifetime TPL member (more on this below) or give through a custom, one-time donation. Thank you!

What is a Lifetime TPL Member?

A lifetime TPL member ($500, one payment) receives all current and future member perks without any subscription. Admittedly, it's a massive contribution and one I don't expect many (any?) will sign up for, but if you find yourself even considering it, I deeply appreciate it.

Why does The Perfect Loaf have a membership program?

Many readers are unaware I've had this membership program running since 2018, which seems so long! I started it to help cover the costs for the website (domains, hosting, email newsletters, site development, ingredients, all of which rapidly adds up) and to ensure the bread baking content continues coming. Over the years, I've grown the membership program to much more than simply supporting the site. Recently, I've added a slew of baking guides and the Discord community along with other perks, all of which have helped flesh out the membership with additional value and have created a thriving baking community, one that's more many-to-many and a little less one-to-many. I think this is awesome! My goal for the site has always been to help others become better sourdough bread bakers by creating the best baking information, and with continued financial support, this makes my goal more of a reality. 

The membership income finds its way back into The Perfect Loaf in one way or another, whether through site improvements (search, design, usability), speed (faster hosting and delivery), or to help increase the amount of time I spend answer questions and helping others. And believe me, not a single dollar goes unappreciated.

How are membership payments handled?

I use Memberful to handle the memberships. Memberful uses Stripe as the payment processor in the backend. All of this means TPL doesn't handle your payment details, nor are they shared with anyone but the designated payment processor.

Thank you.