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Ciao! Welcome to The Perfect Loaf, a website dedicated to baking naturally leavened bread and pastry at home.

I’m Maurizio, a software engineer-turned-baker living in Albuquerque, NM, and I created The Perfect Loaf in 2013 to share my passion and lessons learned when baking sourdough from home. I grew up in an Italian household, and our lives revolved around good food made by hand. Whether it was the pizza and pasta my Dad cooked at his restaurant, or the gnocchi and risotto my Mom & Grandmother prepared at home, I was imbued with an appreciation for homemade food that takes time to prepare—slow food. Long trips to visit relatives in Italy were filled with family meals around the wood-fired oven, mornings wandering the cobblestone streets in search of fresh bread, and of course of focaccia topped with ripe tomatoes packed for a long day at the beach.

Experiment, play, realize that failure isn’t really failure, it’s an edible part of your evolution as a baker.

Jeffrey Hamelman

And so I developed this sense of value in preparing good food, food that doesn’t have to be complicated or exquisite, but I don’t think there are any shortcuts. To me sourdough bread is the very definition of this: it’s something that tastes exceptional when the baker takes their time to prepare it, to let the yeast and bacteria work with the flour and water to create something transcendent.

Here at The Perfect Loaf, I marry my analytical side and entrenched value for good food to share my journey in baking naturally leavened sourdough using my wild yeast starter. Often I mill my flour fresh, and added nutrition benefits aside, the taste of fresh flour is something extraordinary. Like I mentioned elsewhere, if I’m not baking sourdough I’m probably thinking about it — always searching for that perfect loaf.


If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to head to my contact form and send over a message, I’d love to hear from you.


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Reading Recommendations

Are you looking for more reading, inspiration or instruction? This reading list has my most cherished books on baking, and in more ways than one, have changed my life for the better.

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