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Ciao! Welcome to The Perfect Loaf, my website dedicated to baking sourdough bread at home.

I'm Maurizio, an author and software engineer-turned-baker who's baked sourdough bread for over ten years in Albuquerque, NM. 

I created The Perfect Loaf in 2013 to share my passion and lessons learned when baking sourdough from home. I grew up in an Italian household, and our lives revolved around good food made by hand. Whether it was the pizza and pasta my dad cooked at his restaurant or the gnocchi and risotto my mom and grandmother prepared at home, I was imbued with an appreciation for homemade food that takes time to prepare—slow food. Long trips to visit relatives in Italy were filled with family meals around the wood-fired oven, mornings wandering the cobblestone streets in search of fresh bread, and focaccia topped with ripe tomatoes packed for a long day at the beach.

He strives for perfection, for the perfect loaf, secretly hoping never to attain it — for where would he go from there?

Jeffrey Hamelman

I developed this sense of value in preparing good food, food that doesn't have to be complicated or exquisite, but I don't think there are any shortcuts. Sourdough bread is that very definition: it tastes exceptional when the baker takes their time to prepare it and lets the yeasts and bacteria work with the flour and water to create something transcendent.

Here at The Perfect Loaf, I marry my analytical side and entrenched value for good food to share my journey in baking naturally leavened sourdough using my sourdough starter

I created The Perfect Loaf to help make you a better baker. It's continuously evolving because I'm constantly evolving, as is every baker in the kitchen. As I always say, if I'm not baking sourdough, I'm probably thinking about it—always searching for the perfect loaf.

My first cookbook, The Perfect Loaf, The Craft and Science of Sourdough Breads, Sweets, and More, is due November 8th, 2022 — preorder my cookbook here!

Where should I start?

If you don't have a sourdough starter, begin there! It'll take about a week, but the steps are easy, and at the end, you'll have a bubbling starter ready to make bread.

Then, check out my START HERE guide, which takes you through each step of the baking process.

If you're looking for my favorite bread baking books, have a look at my sourdough bread reading list. I guarantee at least one book on the list will change your (baking) life forever.


If you're looking for realtime chat, I'm almost always on The Perfect Loaf's Discord, where you can post questions, comments, and photos. The Discord channel is available to yearly supporters. Or, there's always email, too.


2% of all TPL Memberships are donated to support carbon removal from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate. The way I see it, without a stable climate, there is no grain to make bread.

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Maurizio is a regular contributor to the King Arthur Baking blog and was the Resident Bread Baker at Food52. Maurizio has written articles on bread baking for Edible Magazine, the Bread Baker's Guild of America, and Bread Magazine.

Press & Interviews

The Perfect Loaf has been featured by Food & Wine Magazine, Bon Appétit, Bake From Scratch Magazine, Pastry Arts Magazine, The Kitchn, LCBO Food & Drink Magazine, Craftsmanship Quarterly, Hypebae, and The Manual.

Google spent a week baking with Maurizio in his home kitchen for their IMakeApps feature, which highlighted app developers and their passions away from the computer.


The Perfect Loaf is a two-time Saveur Magazine Blog Award winner. In 2016 The Perfect Loaf won both Editors' and Readers' Choice Awards in The Food Obsessive category and the 2018 Readers' Choice Award for Best Special Interest Blog. In addition, The Perfect Loaf was a 2020 Elementor Design Award Winner and a 2019 Webby Award nominee.

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