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Walnut cranberry sourdough

Walnut Cranberry Sourdough

Last week I finally found a bottle of walnut oil at a local market (I later found the same walnut oil online), and I wanted

Whole wheat sourdough

Whole Wheat Sourdough

I have to warn you a bit here at the beginning: this whole wheat sourdough is a little more involved than some of my previous

Great caramelization on the sourdough crust

High Hydration Sourdough Bread

The following quote, a poignant and relatable statement from Lapo Elkann in a recent Monocle magazine interview. In a relatively jovial and concise article, he

Tartine olive sourdough bread

Tartine Olive Sourdough

Olives—there’s something about them, isn’t there? How can there be so many different types, and yet still, all of them taste so good? I have

Stout Country Sourdough

Stout Country Sourdough

In winter one of my favorite beverages has got to be stout. That dark, malty, and filling beer really takes the edge off the cold

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