Whole Grain

Whole-grain bread baking is so incredibly satisfying. Not only do whole grains bring loads of flavor to your sourdough bread (and other things!), they also bring nutrition and a wonderful texture. For me, a 100% whole wheat sourdough bread might just be the perfect food. Play with varying whole-grain percentages in your dough and see how good whole-grain loaves can be!

100% whole wheat sourdough bread

100% Whole Wheat Sourdough

I have made whole wheat sourdough in the past but never an entirely whole grain version, I typically mix in some white flour or sift

Whole wheat sourdough

Whole Wheat Sourdough

I have to warn you a bit here at the beginning: this whole wheat sourdough is a little more involved than some of my previous

Tartine Sourdough Wheat Germ Experiment

The Wheat Germ Experiment

One of the reasons I started this journal was to experiment with my bread baking, and this entry has me dabbling with a bit of