Specialty Ingredient

Oh, there are so many delicious things you can use to mix into your sourdough bread dough! I usually let the seasons inspire me, but I also have staples I make throughout the year (see my polenta and rosemary sourdough for a good example). Figs, seeds, dried apricot, lavender, buckwheat—the list goes on and on. Use these recipes as a springboard for creativity in your baking!

the perfect loaf fig and fennel sourdough

Fig and Fennel Sourdough

I have childhood memories of my dad trying desperately to grow fig trees (as if he knew I’d one day make this fig and fennel

Oat porridge sourdough crumb and crust

Oat Porridge Sourdough

After the past few weeks, I’m not sure I want to move ever again. Throughout the last year as our new house has been under

Stout Country Sourdough

Stout Country Sourdough

In winter one of my favorite beverages has got to be stout. That dark, malty, and filling beer really takes the edge off the cold

Tartine country walnut sourdough

Tartine Country Walnut Sourdough

Walnuts, being some of my favorite nuts, are used all over the place in my kitchen: banana bread, oatmeal for breakfast, a yogurt snack with