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The place to start for the new baker.

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All the latest sourdough recipes and techniques.

How to care for your sourdough starter.

Delicious, flavorful, and nutritious sourdough bread begins with a strong starter.

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Techniques for leveling up your sourdough bread.

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In-depth recipes and techniques.

Bread Baking Techniques

Foundational skills for better sourdough bread.

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Sourdough Starter Guide

The go-to guide to all things sourdough starter maintenance.

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Dough Temp Guide

Learn why temperature is so important when making bread.

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Dough Shaping

The best way to shape your bread dough.

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Proofing Bread Dough

Spot the signs for perfectly proofed dough.

Baking Essays

Featured writing on travel, personal essays, and more.

The Composition and Decomposition of a Sourdough Culture
A behind the scenes look at my trip and a little of what I learned.

Best Bread Baking Tools

The best tools for making—and eating—sourdough bread.

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