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Seeded Sourdough

My three year anniversary for The Perfect Loaf just passed and I felt like it was only fitting for me to (sort of) revisit an old idea, an old recipe of mine for a seeded sourdough I posted a long, long time ago. I make this whole wheat version intermittently and I do enjoy it, but I wanted to explore some new flavors, textures and techniques. I mean, after baking hundreds of loaves since the beginning days of this site my process has changed and evolved quite a bit, perhaps it was time to take a new look at this old favorite.

Of course there are endless combinations of seeds and spices one can bake into a loaf of bread, but finding just the right balance of flavors and textures can prove to be a challenging task. Personally, I find a lot of the seeded sourdough I try to be a little heavy with seeds; conceivably I’m just more sensitive to the deep umami flavors of sesame, the spicy nature of flax or the anise-like flavor of fennel, but I like to keep it light. Of course there is a time and place for hearty bread, but I like my seeded sourdough a little more like a gentle peck and less like a heavy, flapping punch.

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Seeded Whole Wheat Sourdough

With the Big Move finally coming to a close I can now return to baking full-on. There are still things to do, for sure, but at least now I have some time during the day to fold dough, feed my sourdough starter, and bake in earnest. During the down time between moves I had the opportunity to bake for family but it wasn’t in my own kitchen, with my own tools and my own timing. It’s a challenge to be heaved into unfamiliar territory and expect processes to run like they have before. Regardless, I adapted and several bread bakes turned out great. It feels good to have a kitchen I know I’ll be settled into for quite a while …and with a double oven (!).

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Tartine Country Sesame Sourdough

What to bake next? That was the question on my mind the past week or so. I was anxious to bake something as my bread supplies started to dwindle and it’s a travesty when we are cooking something great at home and don’t have a slice of sourdough to accompany. The weather here is really starting to grow cold and I was in the mood for something a bit on the rich side, something with a real deep flavor. I took out my trusty Tartine Bread book and flipped through until Chad’s Tartine Country Sesame Sourdough loaf caught my eager eye.

My exposure to sesame seeds has been limited to probably the same foods as most people: hamburger buns, crackers, sprinkled on top a loaf of bread here and there, Asian and Indian food… While I do love the rich taste they bring to buns and other breads, I was a bit skeptical of how they would taste baked throughout a loaf of sourdough. Would it be too intense of a flavor? I decided to bake Tartine’s Country Sesame and find out.

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