Walnut Cranberry Sourdough

Walnut cranberry sourdough

Last week I finally found a bottle of walnut oil at a local market (I later found this oil can even be purchased online) and I wanted to use it as soon as I could. When I brought it home, I just had to open the bottle and take a smell — divine. Walnuts and walnut oil are so decadent to me; they add such a deep flavor to any food it’s no wonder I eat them almost every morning with my oat porridge, pancakes, or even waffles.

I didn’t want to do just walnuts this time even though last time it was absurdly good on its own. I had some dried fruit leftover from a recent granola batch (for which a recipe entry is sorely overdue), and I decided to match the walnuts with dried cranberries. I’m sure I’ve seen this done somewhere else, but intuitively the two mesh well together, so I decided to give it a go.