A Family Trip to Italy and Our Tartine Sourdough Bruschetta Recipe

Cherry Tomatoes For Tartine Sourdough Bruschetta Recipe

My family trip to Italy begins how it always begins, with a trip down South to a small town near Brindisi. I have so many uncles, aunts, and cousins down South that a week doesn’t quite cut it. You see, you cannot simply visit a few people, or even just half, you have to see everyone even if it’s just for a short while. Family was always stressed as coming first for me when growing up and my relatives back in Italy share that sentiment. Saying they “go out of their way” for us while we are out there is a severe understatement. The custom is for us to spend a single meal (lunch or dinner) with each of the families. After a week of this you have eaten so much food you are ready to swear off eating for the next month.