50% Fresh Milled Whole Wheat Sourdough

Fifty-percent whole wheat crumb

Fall is coming. Actually, it already arrived at the doorstep and asked to come inside. It doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but I see the signs: long and brooding shadows, squash and apples at the market, trees changing from dark green to slightly orange and red, and of course that innate desire to make food with a hearty slant to it. Making food like whole wheat sourdough bread, butternut squash risotto, soup, whole wheat pasta, and an apple pie or pear tart. I love my 100% whole wheat sourdough recipe, I’ve made it many times at this point, but given the transitory nature of fall something in-between was calling, something not quite all of one, but a mix of several. Besides, there is plenty of room on the spectrum between a pure white and a pure whole wheat sourdough, maybe fifty-fifty or forty-sixty. I like that, fifty-fifty.