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Natural Sourdough with Spent Beer Grains

The beer scene here in New Mexico has really taken off with some of the country’s top ranking breweries, and several of their recent entries in the Great American Beer Festival have earned gold, silver and bronze medals. Notably, Marble Brewery 1 was named Small Brewing Company of the Year — amazing thing for a city like Albuquerque. With so much beer talk and so many beer purchasing options for every night of the week, it’s also motivated many would-be-brewers to try their hand right in their own homes. Shops around town sell a multitude of grain varieties from all over the world and all the tools and necessities one would need to get started. Several of my good friends have picked up this (dare I say it?) important hobby and have made some stunningly good beer, so good I could have sworn they picked up a microbrew 6-pack and did a behind-the-scenes-swap before I could spot them.

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  1. Marble is one of my favorite local microbreweries that has been in business here in Albuquerque for a long while now with a strong following.

Stout Country Sourdough

In winter one of my favorite beverages has got to be stout. That dark, malty, and filling beer really takes the edge off the cold outside. Early in the week I went to my local brewery, La Cumbre, here in Albuquerque and picked up a growler of their exceptional Malpais Stout to drink throughout the week. Somehow by the end of the week I still had a bit of the growler left and decided to incorporate it into my weekend sourdough some way or another. With the success (I think so at least) of last week’s Tartine Sesame Country Sourdough I thought to myself, why not? Beer and bread go together, don’t they?

I didn’t have a recipe to go by for this by so I just did what I thought made sense. My method here was to simply replace a quantity of water during mixing with the stout. I’ll tell you wholeheartedly that adding in the stout made the dough smell like it was from heaven. Really though, how could it not? The sugars in the beer could only be a good thing in bread dough.

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