Seriously Soft Sourdough Pretzel

Seriously Soft Sourdough Pretzel via @theperfectloaf

Walking through the two enormous wooden doors, each host to a gold-emblazoned crown, the first assault on your senses is the smell: beer, mustard, and sauerkraut. These are not bad things, mind you, but instead, they’re the beginning of an awakening. An unknown, or perhaps forgotten, craving begins to bubble to the surface as you scan for an empty bench. People are packed tight with broad grins, large mugs of beer, and that happy demeanor that only comes when the world outside is forgotten. The atmosphere and craving for something salty, something hoppy, and something delicious plants you firmly in the German beer hall. The natural desire to raise your voice and tell a few stories is only matched by the desire for a seriously soft (sourdough) pretzel.