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Hello, baker!

Baking healthy and delicious sourdough bread at home can be challenging, but I’m here to help.

Since 2013 I’ve kept this sourdough community running, a place where I fervently discuss all things sourdough bread. My mission here has always been to share my findings as I navigate the waters of baking from a home kitchen. I hope I’ve been able to help you bake bread—real bread—in your home kitchen, perhaps saving you a little time through my obsessive testing.

If you value the baking recipes, instruction, and help I’ve provided, please consider contributing to The Perfect Loaf through one of the support options above.

In addition to my thanks, yearly subscribers also get access to our private Discord community where I'm hanging out most days. Members can hop on, ask questions, post photos of recent bakes, see a behind the scenes look at recipes I'm developing, and chat with other sourdough bakers about anything and everything. I hope to see you there!

Maurizio Sig

Maurizio Leo, Founder & Baker

Anything and everything is much appreciated.
 Thank you so much for your support. 

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