Sourdough Baking Tools Roundup

Tools, tools tools. I’ve always been told by my father: having the right tools makes the job that much easier. True statement right there but finding the right tools can be quite a challenge (and expensive). Over the years I’ve accumulated a large number of baking items I’ve either loved or hated immediately. Those I’ve loved have stuck around and helped me bake many a loaf, a gradual natural selection process right here in my kitchen.

Starting out baking can be an intimidating thing: it’s hard to determine exactly what you need to get started, what tools make it easier when you get more experienced, and what tools are just “nice to have”. Well, I’ve finally created a page that lists all my most used and favorite sourdough baking tools, a “Sourdough Baking Tools Roundup” if you will. When I first started baking I had many questions on what to use at each step of baking: “what am I going to proof this dough in?”, “what’s the best and cheapest scale I can get to measure out these ingredients?”, “what kind of jars can I use to keep my starter in that will make it as easy as possible?”, and so on. In an attempt to help everyone out there to find these tools (without having to scour through old comments here on the site) I’ve listed everything out in an easy to read page. All of these items I’ve either acquired by searching myself or by reading books, asking questions, and posting on websites.

I’ll keep my tools page updated with any new items I acquire and will only add them as I determine they are worthy. I hope these tools that have evolutionarily passed the test help you as well!

You can find a link to my tools page up top or check out my tools right here.

If I’ve missed any must-have tools send me an email to let me know or drop a comment below. I’m always trying out new items and have a bit of a problem when it comes to acquiring new baking gadgetry.

  • Margie

    Nice! Brod and Taylor proofing box for the wish list

    • Thanks, Margie! Yes, the B&T proofer is on the wish list, maybe I should make a section for “things I want/need” 🙂

  • Jonathan Rush (jonno_r on Instagram)

    Thanks for the list, you can spend ages researching this stuff!

    I noticed you haven’t included A bread peel in your ‘nice to haves’. (Though I see you have one from older posts)

    Thanks for a great site! It’s been really helpful. Happy baking!


    • Jon,
      You’re welcome! Yes, I’ve spent many hours searching, reading, asking — it’s tiring! You are correct, I forgot to add my pizza peel, will add it in very soon, thanks for the heads up.

  • Jeff Markel

    Hi Maurizio – great list. An FYI though – the Weck jars sell on Amazon for $36.99, while you can buy them directly from Weck for $19.50 (

    • Yowza! Ok, I’ll update the link. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Cindy Jensen

    Would you have any guidelines for gluten free sourdough starter/maintenance?
    Also, what is the advantage of weck jars of mason jars, other than ease of stirring?

    • Hey, Cindy! Unfortunately I haven’t maintained a gluten free starter but it should theoretically be very similar to what I present here. The visual cues might be different: there might not be as much rise, bubbles and such depending on the flour you’re using, but there should be some signs of fermentation you can learn to read.

      I like the Weck jars because they have a wide mouth opening and few little crevasses for the dough to get stuck in, however, either works just as well! Any container will work, really, use what’s convenient for you 🙂

  • Maite

    Hi Maurizio!
    I am trying to open the baking stones link but It doesnt work.