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Starting in July 2022, The Perfect Loaf will give 2% of all TPL Membership contributions to help remove carbon from the atmosphere. This donation isn't a single-time donation; rather, it's an ongoing donation that will continue on indefinitely.

We are working with Stripe Climate to help remove carbon from the atmosphere and fight climate change—in any way we can.

Stripe Climate

What is Stripe Climate?

Stripe Climate's mission is to help prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change by collecting a percentage of business sales and using that money to fund ambitious carbon capture companies, help reduce new emissions put into the air, and aid research in the field.

Existing carbon capture and removal solutions are currently woefully behind and are not likely able to scale to meet the size of the problem. New technologies need to be researched and developed toward this end, and Stripe Climate's goal is to help.

100% of the contributions to Stripe Climate are used toward this goal; there's no overhead or administrative fees—every dollar gets used.

Why this cause?

Being a food-related website, it might make more sense to contribute to a cause that will help feed others directly, so why give to help fight climate change? We see climate change as the single biggest issue the planet and humanity are facing. Yes, there are problems everywhere and for every reason, but without a stable climate, we would not exist.

By helping reverse climate change, we hope our contributions will help fund the future of companies that will help undo the damage done to the planet.

How much has The Perfect Loaf contributed?

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