Sourdough Baking Tools

These sourdough baking tools are designed to help you make sourdough bread, pastry, and pizza from home. These posts help you bake bread in a home oven, bake bread with a Dutch oven (or combo cooker), and highlight the importance of temperature in baking.

Baking bread at home with a consistent outcome can be challenging, but having the right tools will greatly help you get there. If you’re looking to buy proofing baskets, thermometers, scales, and other bread baking tools, check out my list of the best baking tools out there.

Build Your Own Dough Proofer via @theperfectloaf

Build Your Own Dough Retarder

Over the numerous years I’ve baked bread, and the countless nights my dough has proofed overnight in the family fridge, there have been (so many)

the perfect loaf sourdough baking tools roundup

Sourdough Baking Tools Roundup

Tools, tools. I remember my father always said: if you have the right tools, and they are orderly, the job is that much easier. True