Honey Whole Wheat and Barley Pan Loaf

Baked honey whole wheat and barley pan loaf

This charming1 and wholesome pan bread is as nutritious as it gets. And while I do have a particular fondness for pan loaves, especially when they use freshly milled flour, this honey whole wheat and barley pan loaf takes it to the next level with freshly milled flour, a little sweetening, a bit of (healthy) fat, and a porridge mix-in.

Yes, it’s chock-full of ingredients. Picking up the final, baked loaf is akin to picking up a concrete brick. I mean, with the barley porridge alone we’re inching our way toward the title of construction worker rather than baker. But! Much the same way a piece of jewelry has some value associated with its heft so does this nourishing bread. And believe me, while the overall loaf feels heavy in hand, each slice eats light and airy.

  1. Quite amusingly, my grammar checker said the word “charming” and “bread” don’t work well together, and a different adjective should be chosen. I disagree.