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Frequently Asked Sourdough Starter Questions

Your sourdough starter —  a mixture of yeast and bacteria (the good kind) that co-exist to naturally leaven bread, add complex flavors, aid in digestion and unlock health benefits — it’s no wonder it quickly becomes part of your family1. I’ve been maintaining mine for many years now, but it’s nothing mystical or magical, it’s a culture I give nourishment (flour + water), and in return, it happily does work for me without even realizing it.

I’ve been compiling this list of frequently asked sourdough starter questions for almost as long as this website has been around. Each time I receive an email or comment asking a question about what I do in a particular situation, I’ve saved it away and have added the most commonly asked questions below. This page is an on-going compilation of the most asked questions, and as such it will be updated frequently with new entries as they come in.

  1. Mine is aptly named Brutus after the trouble it gave me creating it in the beginning