Oat Porridge Sourdough

Oat porridge sourdough crumb and crust

After the past few weeks, I’m not sure I want to move ever again. Throughout the last year as our new house has been under

Dust to Dust

The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, 1791 by Benjamin West

The Composition and Decomposition of a Sourdough Culture

The ultimate guide to shaping bread dough

Shaping brown rice and sesame sourdough bread dough

Shaping bread dough is my favorite part of the entire sourdough bread-making process. After hours of nurturing a sourdough starter, mixing, and bulk fermentation, it’s

Sourdough Pizza al Taglio

Sourdough sheet pan pizza

This hearty rectangular sourdough pizza is crispy-bottomed, tender, and a blank canvas for your imagination.

How to make tangzhong

Fully proofed sourdough sandwich bread with pre-cooked flour (tangzhong)

A guide to using pre-cooked flour, or tangzhong, to bring extra tenderness to your your bread.

Sourdough Bagel

Sourdough bagel

Golden brown sourdough bagels with a thin, crisp crust and chewy interior.